About Me

Hello guys,

I’m Nicolai, 23 Years old and from Germany.

I am finishing a Bachelors degree in FilmĀ  (Production) at SAE Brisbane.

I am really happy about the opportunity that is given to me.

I love movies. I have a big passion for good movies and all the good Hollywood movies that are made.

I am open to every type of critic about my blog and how I could improve the design and my writing. I am overall a person who gets along with pretty much everyone. So if you like the blog I would love to hear about it and if you don’t like something then feel free to leave a comment about what you don’t like and I will try to improve it.

Critic helps me out a lot and I can handle most of it easily and will try to improve from it.

Also, I love doing sports, no matter which, travel, meet new people and discover new cultures.

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