Week 11 reflection

During the class in week 11 we went over the different types of reverb and delays. We could for example use pre delays to give the intended delay a little time frame in which is attacks the sound which makes it sound a bit more natural. Furthermore there is a technique of using a reverse … More Week 11 reflection

Week 9 reflection

In week 9 we got introduced to the basics of pro-tools mixing. During this class we were tasked with mixing the sound towards the visuals of the “Wrath of the lichking” world of warcraft cinematic. Unfortunately I lost the file that I have mixed but it was interesting to experience how to match sounds to … More Week 9 reflection

Week 4 reflection

In week 4 we engaged a little bit more with the patchbay. This is one of the most fun activities for me because it is very practical and a little bit mathmatical too. Patching means that we use cables and connect the signal that comes from the interface towards the chosen effect interface or compressor … More Week 4 reflection

AUD171.4 Mixing

Hello, everyone. Let me tell you a little bit about the mixing experience I have made within the last assessment of my elective studies before I will finish my Bachelor of Film on the 13.12.19. As I have talked about in the previous post, my group and me had to do a recording for our … More AUD171.4 Mixing